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Start Sharing – Annie Leonard talks to Janelle Orsi

story_of_solutionsAsking your neighbor over for tea can transform your life.

Okay, maybe it’s not quite that simple, but starting small and building relationships with the people in your neighborhood is a great first step to take to build a community that values people and the planet.

Sharing your Stuff is a terrific next step.

In this episode of The Good Stuff, Annie Leonard talks to Janelle Orsi all about how to kickstart sharing in your home, your neighborhood, and your city.

Whether you want to offer up extra tomatoes from your summer garden, build a tool lending library, or contemplate a worker co-op, this episode provides an expert orientation on how to bring the power of sharing to where you live.

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Annie, Michael, Allison, Claiborne, Naomi, Renée, Shana and Josh
The Story of Stuff Project Team

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